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Evis ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software. You can easily maintain your large business through Evis ERP. It comes with core ERP functions.

Evis ISP

Evis ISP is the first software that we build for Internet Service Provider company in Bangladesh. Today, It provides one stop solution for all.

Evis POS

Evis POS is specially designed for Smart Businessman. Low stock notification along with automated send SMS to distributer facilities are also available.

Evis Ecommerce

Evis Ecommerce is the easy and convenient solution for startup companies. It has CRM module that enhance your relation with customers.

Evis Repair Shop

Evis Repair Shop specially designed for European market. When the product repair will complete, customer automatically get an Email and a SMS.

Evis Bricks Factory

Evis Bricks Factory management system can control the whole bricks production cycle. With the help of accounting module, you can control your bricks production flow easily.