Product Name :
Evis Student Management System

Product Version :

V 0.0.1

Login Information :


Password: 111111

Summery :

To keep, up to date a student result is so much important this days. Using Evis Student Management System A student easily reviewing his results and decide what areas he still need to improve.


✓ School Website

  1. Noticeboard
  2. School News Management
  3. School Event Management
  4. Student Area
  5. Online Student Result Check

✓ Multilevel/Multiple Admin Panel

  1. Administrative
  2. Teacher Panel
  3. Accountant Panel
  4. HR Panel
  5. School Clerk

✓ Student Management

✓ Student Result Archive

✓ Unlimited Class Creation

✓ Unlimited Subject Creation

✓ This software is compatible with all kind of student such as School, College, University, Academy.

Technology Used: