Product Name :
Evis Rehabilitation Center Management

Product Version :

V 0.0.1

Login Information :


Password: 111111

Summery :

Our Rehabilitation Center Management Software is appropriate for drug addiction treatment Center. Most of the times it is difficult to manage a Drug Patient. We have scattered this problem and try to make it simple Using our Evis Rehabilitation Center Management.


✓ Website Feature

  1. Online Patient Admission Facility
  2. Receive Donated Anywhere From The World
  3. Check Patient Current Condition Anywhere From The World

✓ Income Manager

  1. Donation
  2. Patient Payment
  3. MISC Income

✓ Expense Manager

  1. House Rent
  2. Food Expense
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Water Bill
  5. MISC Expense

✓ Total Report

  1. Income Report
  2. Expense Report
  3. Total Report

Technology Used: